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NOTICE: We're under construction right now. Work on outdoor content is just beginning. The security content will follow.

This web site has a dual personality, in that it's content is divided into two very diverse areas. The first, and main inspiration for the name is a play on "The Wilderness." In addition to sharing my love for the outdoors here I plan on using this site to document and reference information from my other life as an information security analyst. In that regard, you might be tempted to interpret the name as referring to the wilder side of the net. Whatever your reason for visiting, I hope you enjoy your time here, and that what you find is enjoyable, interesting, or useful.



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European Travel Blog
June 17, 2011 I will be traveling to Europe in a few days. Here's where my blog, which I plan to update regularly provided I can get reliable Internet access, time, and energy to keep it updated.

Forensics Contest Puzzle 3 Submission
February 7, 2010 I recently discovered the Network Forensics Puzzle Contest at and started playing. I submitted a solution to Puzzle #2 and was a semi-finalist simply by virtue of writing some scripts to automate my solution. Unfortunately, my submission wasn't good enough to win one of the Lenovo Netbook computers being awarded as prizes. Hopefully I'll be more successful with my entry for Puzzle 3. I've posted my solution here in hopes of making it appear more elegant.

Southwest Photos
We're still working on the content for this web site. In the mean time I hope you'e enjoy looking at some photos I've taken in my travels through Arizona, Colorado, and Utah over the years.

HSC 1974 Yearbook
Here is a copy of the High School in the Community (Unit 2) yearbook from 1974. HSC is located in New Haven, CT. An old High School friend asked me to share this, so here it is. I didn't see any copyright so I think I'm okay sharing this.